How To Pack A Suitcase: Real Simple

Many people say packing a suitcase is an art, while others say they are so excited about going on holiday they simply don't care and just chuck everything in! If your reading this it's likely you want to pack a suitcase without wrinkling all items in the process?..........
For this article we spoke to travel blog Travelhobo to get their top tips on packing a suitcase, the simple way.

Pack your clothes

pack_clothes Step 1: Gather clothes that you will need. Step 2: Choose clothes with fabrics that are versatile and resistant to wrinkles. Step 3: Fold stiffer garments and roll softer ones. Step 4: Arrange your rolled clothes at the bottom of your suitcase. Step 5: Place folded clothes on top of them. Step 6: Use a dry-cleaning bag to cover the pile. Step 7: Place clothes that you will need first at the top of this pile. Step 8: Place belts around the suitcase’s perimeter.

Pack your shoes

pack-shoes Step 1: Pack a loafer, a casual sandal, sneakers and evening shoes. Step 2: Stuff shoes with electronic chargers and sunglasses. Step 3: Slip shoes in a gallon-size bag then place them along the suitcase sides.

Pack beauty products

Step 1: Choose travel-size multi-purpose products. Step 2: Put your favorite brands in empty bottles. Step 3: Put grouped products in sealed and re-sealable bags.

Pack jewelry

Wear precious gems while traveling to minimize theft or loss risks then stow inexpensive jewelry pieces in a plastic pillbox.

Pack breakables

Use sturdy clothing to wrap fragile pieces.

Pack dirty laundry

Shrink dirty laundry in a compressor bag then pack it in the suitcase.

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A world in one city – London

londonYou can still find the imprint of the glory of British Empire which was also called ‘Empire on which the sun never sets’ in London nowadays. British people still keep their pride from the old times and already start to launch innovations to welcome the new times. You can say that London is a city of too much lures. That’s true. As long as you have enough money in your pocket, you can get whatever you want in London. Luxury brands are displayed in Harrods which is the most expensive shopping mall in the UK to wait for you. You can also say this is a city of too many world top universities. That’s true. London is home to London Business School which is the world’s best business school, Imperial College, London School of Economics and Political Science, UCL, King’s college and so forth. People consider it as a honor if you can study in one of them. You can not deny that this is a city of too many attractions either: Bucking Palace where the Queen lives; Tower Bridge which is a bridge over Thames, an iconic symbol of London; the Big Ben which is a bell of the clock with a 151 years history; London Eye which is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, and the most visited paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom. There is simply too much to say about this bewildering city that has multi-identities. What’s more exciting is that the city has hold its third Olympic Games in 2012. What’s more magic is that 2012 was considered to be the end of the world at least in Movie directed by Roland Emmerich. If at that time the world still exists, why not come to London to celebrate this mega0sport event in human history? Transportation in London As we all know, for a capital city, traffic congestion seems too common to be mentioned. The situation in London is not that satisfactory as well which may be the reason why the mayor of the city advocates people to take a bicycle which is called a two-wheel revolution. There are eight airports in London if you just tell it from their names, but in fact only five of them are mostly used.

The largest and busiest airport in London is Heathrow which serving around 68 million passengers each year and located 22 km away from central London. Gatwick Airport is London’s second busiest airport after Heathrow throughout the UK. It is located 45.7 km south of Central London, 5 km north of the centre of Crawley, West Sussex. There is no big difference between Gatwick and Heathrow. In terms of for low-cost short-haul flights, you can go to Stansted Airport, situated north east of London in Essex. For business travelers, London City Airport may be the best choice which is the smallest yet most central airport. Car Rental If you prefer to hire a car to get to the airport, there are a number of regional and national car hiring suppliers who will offer you a reasonable price as well. Here are several most popular companies: Avis, National, Sixt, Thrifty, Hertz, 1car1 Car Hire Manchester, and Super Car Hire Ltd.

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